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Setting Expectations

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Council for Exceptional Children - Paraeducator Standards. These standards provide some guidelines for paraeducators standards and expectations. They aren't adopted by the state of Arizona or our school district, but you can use them to guide your thinking.

CEC Paraeducator Standards.docx


Your Classroom Expectations.

It is highly important to document your expectations, train your staff, and provide feedback. Below are some examples of expectations written by other teachers for their classroom staff. Modify these examples to fit your own classroom expectations.

Example: Self-contained preschool special ed. Role of EA in preschool.doc

Example: Community Education Preschool (CEP). Role of CEP EA in preschool.doc

Example: Self-contained K-4 Lifeskills. EA Expectations.doc


If creating something like this is too time intensive, type up a brief agenda about your meeting that includes bullet points of the expectations you plan to discuss. Have everyone sign the dated agenda to record attendance (you sign, too) for every meeting. Something simple like that will also serve as documentation that you have set expectations.


Providing Feedback

Here is an example one teacher created for clear expectations and regular feedback. She used this document for private discussion at the end of each day with her paraeducator. EA Daily Checklist.docx

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