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Team Communication

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Compassionate Communication.

When it comes to resolving problems or concerns, Compassionate Communication strategies can help you express your feelings in a nonjudgmental, not accusatory manner that will facilitate resolution. Here is a RESOURCE PAGE to be a great communicator.


Exploring Team Preferences

Here is a great activity to improve team communication and collaboration. First, the teacher and paraeducator(s) each complete a survey about their personal preferences. Then, they compare their answers to discover similarities and differences. This activity can start important conversations and help the teacher understand how the paraeducator likes to receive feedback. Further, the paraeducator might come to better understand how the teacher likes to give feedback. This activity can really help the team grow and understand one another's natural preferences. Additionally, this activity can help team members talk about how these preferences might clash and create challenges so that the team can work out solutions in advance.

3-part teacher, EA work preference activity.docx

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