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Reflective Advice

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The stories below are from very successful classroom leaders who developed their skills despite struggles. These stories are anonymous, but I assure you that these teachers work in our district and have persevered despite initial challenges.


You're Gonna Make It!

As an eighth year teacher, I wish I would have known my first year that in the end everything works out. It always has a way to get done. I would always stress out over deadlines, meetings, paperwork, lesson plans, observations, and everything else we encounter in special education, but I always made it happen one way or another. If I didn't organize and prioritize my list of things to do, I would have stressed out even more. But I just tackled one item at a time and got it done. If I stressed out all of the time, I lost track as to what I am supposed to be doing in the classroom. I would lose my passion for the kids and teaching. I realized that I need to take one day at a time and one hour at a time. I have finally found a routine and a groove to this profession that I am my happiest I have ever been. You will soon find your rhythm and groove ~ so keep plugging away day by day, hour by hour. And remember your passion and the reason you became a teacher. You will make it ~ I promise!

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