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Being the Leader

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One of the trickiest parts of leadership is viewing yourself as a leader and embracing it. Special ed teachers have privilege (and challenge) of being the leader from Day 1. Embrace yourself as a leader. Lead with intention and authority so that your EA team members see the direction you are headed.


Transformational Leadership.

Transformational leaders set the example, inspire and motivate, encourage the contributions of others, and individually consider each member of the team. As a leadership style for special education teachers, transformational leadership provides a framework to an excellent team leader. Here is a RESOURCE PAGE with more information about Transformational Leadership.


Everyday Leadership.

You might think that a "leader" is someone at the top of an organization or someone who has been elected to a position. This view of leadership limits the idea that teachers can be everyday leaders in their classrooms. Think about how every little decision you make influences your team and your students. Need some inspiration? Check out this great video from Drew Dudley about "everyday leadership."



Small Changes Lead to Big Differences.

When it feels like all is lost, consider how a small change might make all the difference. In this video, Tony Robbins shares how small changes are all it takes. Check it out HERE.


Creating a Team Vision. 

As the leader, you have the opportunity to set the vision for your team of paraeducators. This will even influence other professionals in your classroom, such as related service providers. Below are some links to provide inspiration.


Advice for You As the Leader.

Being the leader can be rough. Here is a RESOURCE PAGE of ideas about leadership.


This is a great blog post about teacher leadership:


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